Simple Donate – Leveled PayPal Donation Plugin

Almost three weeks ago, we released a WordPress donation plugin, without much fanfare. While working with political clients, Cathy Lehman & Dan Pike, we realized there wasn’t a great leveled donation plugin for WordPress. So, we set out to create a plugin that would fulfill the needs of nonprofits and political candidates. In the end, we created Simple Donate– a WordPress donation plugin that does one thing, very well.

Simple Donate Generator
Shortcode generator in the visual editor.

How it works

Simple Donate allows users to insert a donation from the visual editor. Users can also easily label donation levels. This is important because donors will often donate more when presented with predetermined levels and examples of what their money is being used for, (e.g. “$100 will protect 25,000 square feet of Rainforest“). Donations go directly through PayPal, allowing donors to pay with their preexisting accounts, making the donation process as frictionless as possible.

We plan to continue development and look forward to adding useful and requested features. If you have any suggestions on how we can make Simple Donate better, let us know in the comments section below.

Simple Donate can be downloaded through WordPress.org’s Plugin Repository.


2 replies on “Simple Donate – Leveled PayPal Donation Plugin”

  1. I would love to see the ability to change font color as well as make the font bold. This may be possible now but I dont yet see how to do it.

    Thanks for making a wonderful (and free) plug in.

    1. Simple Donate tries to be as small as possible and leave things like formatting to external CSS. That said, we’ve tried to make the plugin add CSS classes to everything it creates. So, you could add color and bold each option by adding the CSS rule: .sd_label_radio { color: yellow; font-weight: bold; }.

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