What We Do

Ethoseo provides Enterprise Search Engine Optimization working with internationally recognized brands and agencies. We help organizations by leveraging their data and resources to increase their share of search. Whether you are looking for a comprehensive SEO strategy, management, training, or a large-scale site audit, Ethoseo can help you deliver what both customers and search engines want – a great customer experience.

How We Work

We start every search engine optimization campaign with a discussion. You talk. We listen. During the initial discovery session, we work to understand your business goals and how SEO can be integrated into your marketing plan. We also identify and collaborate with all stakeholders involved, ensuring that SEO is leveraged across your organization.

Analytics Data? Yes Please.

Next, we analyze and review your web analytics providers. This includes clickstream data, voice of customer, keyword data, and other quantitative and qualitative metrics. By looking at your analytics early, we establish an SEO baseline, allowing us to measure everything – even revenue.

Site Audit & Keyword Research

Imagine if you could see your entire enterprise web site through a search engine’s lens. Ethoseo’s custom site audits are designed to identify problems in six key areas:

  1. Page Structure Optimization
  2. Content Optimization
  3. Transition Optimization
  4. Site Structure Optimization
  5. User Experience Optimization
  6. Tool Optimization

Our audit will check a variety of factors that contribute to search rankings and user satisfaction. At the same time, we’ll research your audience, looking at the keywords they use and other sites they visit. Once complete, you’ll have an actionable report that covers the what, why, and how of SEO, all backed by data.

Your content. Your message. Our Insight.

We’ve all heard content is king. And it still is. Whether it’s an emotional call to action or humanizing technical data, Ethoseo delivers professionally written content that is factually accurate, easy to read and targeted to your customer. We provide content for “about us” pages, blog posts, news articles, product descriptions, and call to action sales copy.

Why use Ethoseo for your SEO Strategy?

  1. Real Metrics. We focus on revenue and valuation, not rankings.
  2. Experience. With over 20 years of combined creative experience, we have the depth of knowledge and capability to execute the most challenging campaigns.
  3. Collaborative. We play well with others. Honest, we really enjoy working with other teams to produce great campaigns.
  4. Communication. Nobody wants a chatterbox, but we do know how to send an email update, and we still use the telephone. At Ethoseo, we’ll always keep you in the loop–yes, even when we’re slammed.

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