In the world of digital marketing and SEO, content marketing is all the rage these days.

And for good reason.

Google’s not beating around the bush anymore – traditional link building is dead. If you want to build your website’s credibility in the eyes of any search engine (but especially Google), there is one way to do it: relevant, informative, valuable content, stretching as far as the eye can see.

When you think about it, a content marketing strategy is more than just an SEO tactic. It’s an essential and irreplaceable step in your business plan for the web.



Keyword density may be meaningless in this decade, but that hardly means you shouldn’t be targeting keywords. The best way to prove your relevance for the most important keywords in your industry is to create high-quality content around them, demonstrating both to search engines and your users that you’re the most important source out there in your vertical.


Great content speaks for itself. Even better, it says volumes when users see your content all over their favorite networks – be it news sites, authoritative local resources, or social media. And that’s just what meets the eye: with every new link and social share, search engines take note, gradually pushing your site to the top for relevant searches.

Long-term sustainability.

Thousands of SEO agencies have promised silver bullet tactics and overnight #1 rankings. In 2019, those agencies are dead. And so, in countless cases, are those rankings. There’s no longer a fast track to the top of the search results. Great content may take longer, but it’s more than worth the investment: Google will never, ever punish you for an SEO strategy based on adding more value to the web. And that’s exactly what a content-focused approach accomplishes.

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