Today’s web users are beholden to no one, and the wide diversity in places to shop for products, casually browse, or simply learn more about a topic of interest has made it impossible to effectively reach one’s target audience with one tactic alone. Paid media (i.e., online advertising) has only grown in importance as a necessary plank of digital strategy, and as the complexity of the web has increased, so too has the flexibility and detail with which advertisers can reach the right users.

Our process has been refined by years of experience in online advertising.

With every paid advertising engagement we take on, we follow a meticulous, data-driven, and time-tested process. Though the specifics of each campaign may vary, slightly, in general, our PPC work is implemented in four phases: research, setup, optimization, and reporting.

Whether you are looking for an omnichannel strategic approach, or simply a targeted paid search campaign, Ethoseo can help.

Our Paid Media Services

Paid Search

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  • Google Shopping Campaigns
  • Amazon Advertising
  • Pinterest Ads


  • Google Ads
  • Smart Campaigns
  • Machine Learning
  • Realtime bidding

Advertising that informs and educates throughout the customer journey.