Google Analytics, Omniture, Webtrends, and KissMetrics are only as useful as the insights you derive from them. At Ethoseo, we specialize in extracting insights that drive business revenue. Our team of Google Ads and analytics specialists can uncover the hidden story in your raw data to help you make sound business decisions.

We will quantitatively and qualitatively analyze these metrics to provide actionable suggestions. Here’s how we can help you: 

Analytics Set-Up

Make sure your data is correct with a professional analytics installation from the team at Ethoseo. While installing a JavaScript snippet is easy, it’s often done incorrectly. This can lead to invalid data. We also understand analytics can go far deeper than just page views, so we work to make sure everything on your site is tracked. Our team will perform a clean installation that’s customized to your business goals.

Analytics Audits

Collecting data doesn’t mean just gathering numbers. In our experience, analytics installations are the most commonly neglected part of website development. We often find that entire sections of the site aren’t tracked, or worse, aren’t delivering real data. We can examine your web analytics platform to find existing problems and recommend ways to gain further insight about your customers.

Custom Reporting

We build beautiful custom reports, dashboards, and presentations that we can deliver to you on a monthly, quarterly or yearly interval. Our analytics experts comb through your data and determine what matters and what it means. These reports don’t just deliver data–they deliver insights.

Google Analytics Training

Are you looking to train your employees? Are you tired of wasting time in Google Analytics and not learning anything about your customer? We love to share our knowledge. Our analytics training sessions will provide you and your team with the knowledge necessary to start using and understanding the power of web analytics.

Our Analytics Process

Ethoseo’s process for comprehensive digital measurement includes the following:

Initial Analysis

Business Objectives

A web reporting document without business objectives doesn’t tell you much. Our custom web reports are designed to help improve business outcomes, and as such, the first step is to identify the key business objectives. Simply put: why does the website exist?

Historic Data Analysis

In collaboration with our client, Ethoseo will analyze historical data. We will identify useful and interesting metrics unique to your website.

Identify Key Performance Indicators

Throughout the Historic Data Analysis phase and our discussions with our client, we will be looking for key user actions that we wish to track. Once these have been identified, we will determine Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that allow us to track those actions.

Current Analytics Verification

Site Audit

Ethoseo begins each analytics engagement with a website audit. This audit checks to make sure analytics code is installed correctly and throughout the site. It also uncovers portions of the site that are not tracked, but should be.

Historic Data Audit

The historic data audit complements the site audit, further uncovering tracking errors within analytics and points where tracking could be improved.

On-Site Analytics Improvement

Site Analytics Improvement Recommendations

Ethoseo will present our client with recommendations to improve tracking on their site. The client may implement these or work with Ethoseo to do so; however, doing so is not included in this scope of work.

Internal Analytics Improvement

Advanced Analytics Actions

Ethoseo will create custom segments, profiles, and/or dashboards for our client’s team and stakeholders as makes sense for the website.

For more information on our web analytics services, call us at (360)-383-5149 or via email at [email protected]