Ever wondered what it takes to be a Google expert?

On May 21st, we invite you to hear it from the experts themselves – courtesy of Google Partners Connect, an exclusive event sponsored by none other than the search giant itself.

Google Partners is a program designed to grow the connections between small businesses and agencies. By providing search marketing firms with a designation that reflects Google-certified expertise in the industry, the Partners program helps build a foundation of trust between agency and client, so that business owners can feel confidence in their digital marketing decisions.

Our online marketing event runs from 11 am  to 1pm PST, and will feature an hour’s worth of content live streamed directly from Google – including talks from established search marketing professionals like Arjan Dijk, Fred Vallaeys, and Ben Wood.

Following the livestream, we’ll be hosting a networking session & discussion geared toward finding ways that small businesses can use search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) to expand and profit through the web. We’ll also be discussing the role of agencies in helping facilitate that process for businesses without the spare time or energy to manage those (time-consuming!) channels themselves.

This event is limited to 20 people, so make your reservations today!

Eventbrite - Exclusive Online Marketing Event

Contact Brendan Silk at [email protected] or by calling 360-255-7312 with any questions.

We’ll provide the space & refreshments. Come learn with us!