Development to Launch in 3 Months

Your brand can launch a website that outperforms your existing website with minimal disruption to the customer experience. 

And, you can launch it in just 90 days. 

This accelerated approach to website development is called Growth-Driven Design, and it’s the cornerstone of Ethoseo’s approach to enterprise website builds. 

Here’s a brief overview of the three-phase process. 

Phase 1: Strategy (30 Days) 

  1. Set Goals – Ethoseo works with your stakeholders to determine the impact the website has on your brand and set goals for improvement. We use these goals to create a digital measurement model for tracking campaign success. 
  1. Create Personas –  To build a user-centric website, Ethoseo creates personas representing your ideal client base.
  1. Audit Your Website – Ethoseo conducts a website audit to determine how your audience is currently interacting with the website, where the site loses visitors, and which pages have the most engagement. And we examine website performance to identify quick-win opportunities.
  2. Keyword Research – Ethoseo conducts keyword research using proprietary tools. We begin Index Rank Tracking on your website to establish baseline metrics. 
  1. Fundamental Assumptions – Based on the above exercises, we make a list of baseline assumptions about your brand’s value propositions, why visitors come to your website, and where the friction points are. 
  1. Global & Page Strategy – Using these fundamental assumptions, Ethoseo develops page-by-page strategies for the top pages of your website. 
  1. Brainstorm Wishlist – We come together with your stakeholders to expand your wishlist of ideas for webpages, features, etc.

Phase 2: LaunchPad Website (60 Days)

Once we’ve completed the brainstorm wishlist and taken inventory of desired features, we collaborate with your brand on an 80/20 analysis. An 80/20 analysis will answer the question, “What 20% of wish list items will make 80% of the impact on the business?” After identifying the high-impact items, we narrow down the list to include those items that are critical to your website launch. 

Our first sprint cycle will then begin, following this basic order of operations: 

  1. Messaging 
  2. Information Architecture
  3. Identify Navigation
  4. Content Strategy
  5. Wireframe
  6. Design
  7. Development
  8. QA
  9. Launch

And there you have it. In three months, your new and improved website is launched. 

But at Ethoseo, we’re all about setting even bigger milestones for performance. Enter phase 3. 

Phase 3: Growth-Driven Design

Once we launch your website, we work through the remaining items on your wishlist to facilitate continuous improvement in functionality, usability, conversion rates, and personalization. 

Quarterly Sprint Cycles

To implement items on the wish list, Ethoseo hosts quarterly sprint cycles with your stakeholders. These spring cycles include the following steps:

  1. Planning – We identify which wishlist items to focus on in the current sprint cycle. 
  1. Development – We create hypotheses, implement your wish list items, and set up validation tracking.
  2. Learning – We validate or invalidate our hypotheses based on data collected during experimentation.
  3. Transfer – we meet with your team to communicate our learnings and provide recommendations. 

Through the growth-driven design process, your stakeholders will gain a deeper understanding of your website’s true value. Moreover, you’ll have a process in place to improve that value over time. 

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